Oct - Dec 2010

Luxury Bathrooms in Hotels

The times are a-changing.Who would have envisaged, a decade ago, that there would be more mobile users in India than the entire population of some European nations? The subjects, issues and the dimensions of challenges are also undergoing rapid metamorphosis in this country. With infrastructure development emerging as one of the core areas of focus today, the next decade could well herald a paradigm shift in many ways. This first edition devoted to washrooms is in keeping with these trends. With development comes responsibility. It also ushers in a need for a better civic services, a desire to upgrade lifestyles and fine hone present facilities. It is in the context of the much neglected topic in India –WASHROOMS, which suddenly finds itself at the centre of public discourse. Right from the conceptual stage of construction to the behind the wall technology, design, fixtures and accessories to maintenance- the aspects around washrooms are profuse and varied. 

Bathrooms require the most in terms of planning detailing and selection of suitable materials and specification to create an ambience comprising bathing, toilet: WC and Bidet, washing and vanity space. One has to find imaginative solutions to make the best use of the available space. Over the past decade, there has been a consistent demand for innovative bathrooms from classical to avante garde, from pristine whites to vibrant colours with textures and shapes that one couldn’t have thought of using in bathrooms a few years ago… Hotels love to flaunt their environment preservation steps. A washroom, whether in a luxury hotel or even in a mid size property, can present the organisations’ brand very efficiently and successfully. What is needed is a hardnosed sense of proportion at the designing stage itself.