Apr - Jun 2013

Investing in better quality is always better than repenting at leisure

It’s a good idea to replace pre-1993 toilets according to guidelines underlined by experts in the National Geographic’s Green Guide.  

The sheer volume of water flushed down the pre-1993 contraption is astonishing.Municipalities are admonishing errant and laggard citizens to upgrade their plumbing and WCs since water scarcity is coming too close for comfort.

Plumbing leaks account for major water wastage in our country, and since the washrooms, till a few decades ago, didn’t get the prime space in homes, wastage was also barely noticed. A recent survey threw up some surprising readings. Plush apartments in certain high rises in the Indian capital were equally guilty of shoddy plumbing.

Cutting corners for short term gains, many apartment builders had resorted to the made-in-China allure.

It is surprising that the gleaming finish on many newly installed fixtures in so called ‘better’ residences exhibited the steady dribble of water drops even when the faucets and showers were turned off.

While architects and designers often comment on the frustration of witnessing clients compromising on details since they did not pay as much attention to the basics and budgets of the washrooms as they did to other areas, they could offset this situation by drilling the importance of quality fittings in fancy washrooms.

The top end customer and the penthouse owner will not get it wrong, but the steadily rising numbers of high rise apartment owners are still in the twilight zone where they might not realise that a so-called expensive brand today will pay for itself in myriad ways.

Saving water is just one of the many.