Oct - Dec 2013

As Washrooms and Beyond enters its 4th year of publication, we welcome more comments and suggestions -especially the ones that point out areas where we can get better.

There is also some good news. From 2014, Washrooms and Beyond goes bi-monthly from its present quarterly periodicity!

The economic downturn witnessed today is now a global phenomenon. It hit India much later, and it was not the tsunami one really expected it might turn out to be. Especially in the case of the washroom industry, the aftershocks are not as threatening.

As per the latest reviews, just the washroom fittings production industries in India are increasing at the rate of 22 percent yearly and that too in a market said to more than Rs. 40 billion. 

The consciousness of design has taken a major leap in the collective mind of consumers at a certain level. The customer base is expanding with the hospitality and construction industry giving that positive nudge. Not just sanitary ware, the accessories market has also seen a surge.

At Washrooms and Beyond, we have been apart of the saga of the washroom industry for the last three years, now. If the business of retail was developing fast in the last decade, in the last couple of years it is becoming much more defined. Costs are not a concern in a certain market strata where the issue is solely design, innovative products and finesse. The challenge here is to not only develop but educate this segment of buyers as well. Given the potential, the industry majors are on the job.