Jan - Feb 2014

The New Year comes with positive portents. Market sentiments might be on the pause button, but trends suggest that it is the lull before the steady breeze, if not the storm. Consumer confidence, for all practical purposes, has not dulled, and this is a positive sign.


At Washrooms and Beyond, we also read the writing on the wall, and our decision to increase the frequency of the magazine’s publication was propelled by the demand of our readers and other industry associates. From January 2014 onwards, WB turns into a bi-monthly magazine.


With a ear to the ground, we discovered the gradual fusing of the role of architects and interior designers, at least in the cusp of specialised design for specific areas in construction. When it comes to washrooms, designers and architects blend into one as architecture becomes the fulcrum of design.


The trends for 2014 in washroom design point towards a gradual shift to a wellness zone for the bath area. And, this is visible in commercial buildings as well since demands of excellence require fine detailing in office and institutional spaces too. Space-saving cabinetry, eco-friendly concepts and metallic colours continue to hog attention,and a spa-like ambience gets a foothold in the washroom area. This, moving forward, is all set to grow stronger as consumers turn more demanding and educated in times to come.