Mar - Apr 2014

The response to Washrooms and Beyond going bi-monthly has been phenomenal. It was a direct fallout of our readers’ and supporters’ demands, and we are happy that we took this step in the third year of the magazine’s publication. We look forward to hearing more on how to develop the magazine further.

Bathrooms continue to be private spaces that are an indispensable part of a home. These are no longer ignored spaces but now help determine the complete home decor. With the trend now growing for the bathroom to become a living area with practical, attractive designs, furniture in this space ensures maximum comfort and storage to ensure an organised space. High-end customers are  demanding a space that can reflect their lifestyle and deliver a high level of user experience. They want more from the washroom space, and furniture can uncover a lot of hidden functionality. Bathroom furniture adds character, power and personality to the bath space, customers love that.

At the same time, the presence of mirrors in the washroom is as important as it serves both a practical purpose while being a stylish feature. Despite the fact that it helps consumers in their daily lives, its importance and its multifunctional capacity has been underappreciated.

Taking a bathroom to another level are high-tech devices that feeds the hunger of the tech savvy consumer.  He wants touch-free control, personalised options (mainly in terms of temperature and flow of shower fixtures) and comfort and hygiene from technology. So how does digitisation combine with touch-free technology? Responding to the consumer demands and current trends in digitisation, bathroom companies have introduced a rather cleverly made device as small as an iPod and as intelligent as a computer.

It is not surprising that the demand to such a technology is quite positive. Such technical advancements appeal to the consumers’ need for comfort and their play instincts. Thanks to new technologies, the fittings are getting smaller, water consumption is being reduced and life in the bathroom is becoming not just more emotional but easier, too.