May - Jun 2014
There is a fresh new energy to the publication ever since the periodicity has increased to the bi-monthly status. The comments and suggestions that have poured in at our office have validated our decision to increase the number of editions from January this year.

The washroom has gradually transcended from being a four-walled room to an open space that reflects the overall design of any home. Despite the array of the latest designer products in the market, the walls – even just two – continue to play a starring role. In fact, they can make or break the design of any space. Hence, it is paramount that they be treated lavishly to accentuate the overall ambience of the space. Today, designers are breaking away from the stereotypical materials and opting for wall coverings and other similar materials. 

‘Wall covering’ is a broad term used to describe the various flexible materials that can be applied to a wall surface. This, together with other options, can give the space a new dimension, texture and pattern. And, with well-informed consumers, the options have become more varied. With such exciting options waiting around the corner, it is not surprising that designers are embracing them well and fast. It is just a matter of time, before bathroom walls are the talk of the town. 

Besides, architects and designers have embraced the use of marble in washrooms since some time now. And, with the increased availability of the material in its Italian avatar they are open to experimenting with new materials and finishes to give each washroom a unique appearance. 

Its appearance and durability, shades and compatibility with other materials makes it an ideal choice for use in bathrooms. Bathroom industry professionals and designers across India, too, seem to agree. Given all of this, it is then evident that marble is inarguably a material used for its durability, natural occurrence and timeless appeal. No wonder than that marble is still being flaunted in most high-end residences across India and the world.