Apr - Jun 2011

Bathrooms for Kids

The Indian sanitary ware industry has undergone a major change. With India emerging as the second largest in the baths and sanitary market in Asia Pacific, the sanitary ware market is poised to grow exponentially. This is due not just to the booming real estate and construction business but also due to the increasing demand for superior bathroom products. When an industry comes into its own and occupies such a major space, the dynamics of change and growth can be ruthless. In the euphoria of sales headed north, it will be prudent to remember that there is a larger market in the mid segment that is still waiting to be tapped.

In the last few decades, bathroom design and d├ęcor has scaled new heights. Despite the constant attention accorded to the aesthetics of the washroom and the creation of a certain specific ambience, children also have their own demands. And that rarely has to do with a cozy or relaxing atmosphere. What children want is a splash of bright colors, their favorite cartoon characters and water. Today, a variety of bathroom products are being designed specifically for children. Be it child sized washbasins or WCs in the shape of animals, the effort is to pamper this young clientele. The primary responsibility, however, lies with the parent who, while indulging the child,must also ensure that the child is taught about the importance of water and the need to save this precious resource.