Jul - Sept 2011

The Measure of Cleanliness

The bathroom products and other accessories market in this country is growing at a rate of 13.3% per annum, making it one of the most booming industries today. According to market surveys, India has emerged as a major bath and sanitaryware market in the Asia-Pacific region. This growth is powered by the real estate and allied construction segments. Recovery from the global economic downturn is faster in India as compared to other countries in the world as consumers here are more willing to spend. However, the boom comes with an increased sense of responsibility, especially on the systems and practices that have so far left much to be desired in creating a scientific and calibrated approach to the management of those aspects associated with the business in which neither the consumer nor the manufacturers have any direct role. 

This is very important aspect of hygiene and cleanliness. Although it is usually associated with housekeeping, in fact, the concern for these issues is as relevant to the way products are created to how the washrooms are designed at the construction level. There are various ways in which proper understanding of the washroom systems can assist in creating more efficient, clean and hygienic toilets and washrooms. Whether it is public conveniences or private residences, technology plays a far greater role in managing better styled washrooms than many would presume. The issue of hygiene is a basic premise for good looking spaces. A clean washroom will also encourage people to practice good hand hygiene techniques, which in turn will reduce the risk of cross contamination. Having well kept washrooms and effective hygiene systems in place does not only reduce infection but also leaves a lasting impression on anyone who uses the facilities.