Oct - Dec 2011

The Washroom Industry in India: Potential and Challenges

With the Oct-Dec 2011 issue WB completes its first year of publication. What started post liberalization of the economy and the growing standards of living is maturing into a discriminating market, especially at the high end segment. Washrooms fittings, which were once popular with the upper echelons of the society only, are now part of washroom luxuries of the common people. In some metros, modern public conveniences are coming up with fixtures from the better brands. It's a long way to go yet indeed but the forward movement is perceptible. The advent of new companies in the market and the growing competition among them has made quality bathroom accessories available at competitive rates. Currently, India is the second largest washroom accessory producer in Asia. 

The concept of washroom hygiene may date back to the Indus Valley civilization in India, but adopting modern washroom practices by a significant chunk of its large population is definitely a recent phenomenon. A peek into the bathroom used by the Mughals at the Red Fort may give us a glimpse into the washroom luxuries indulged by the royals and the rich; however, such indulgences were confined to a very minuscule segment of the population.