Apr - Jun 2012

The onset of the summer of 2012 augurswell for the washroom business in India. It has established the tenacity of the Indian market to withstand seismic shocks that have rattled the business communities worldwide.

The answer lies in the solid foundation of a consumer base that is steadily going strong on its hunger for a better lifestyle. The whiff of this market is reaching those with a sharp nose for business. It is therefore quite perplexing that there is precious little that is stirring the attention of the government in these parts.

The washroom industry finds itself in a particular position with a swathe of consumers that extend from high end, luxury users to a more pragmatic and rupee wise constituency. Given the figures – both of the number of consumers and their demographic locations and spread - there can never be a single approach. While most international companies are content to zero in on the high end market, there is a clear understanding that educating the market will reap in better dividends - and not only in the long run but in the immediate future too. 

It is here, that the role of the interior designer, architect and builder attains particular significance.