Indrajit Kembhavi, Managing Partner, Kembhavi Architecture Foundation

Responsible Luxury

| Washrooms & Beyond


The concept of responsible luxury originates with a highly technical understanding of space and expectation fused with creation of an aesthetic Ambience, says Indrajit Kembhavi, Managing Partner, Kembhavi Architecture Foundation.

Luxury is about experience. Opulence and luxury can mean two different things; of course they can be intermingled too. “For us at KAF, bathrooms entail storytelling and creation of a private space in which one can unwind , calm down and enjoy a zen like experience, the styling depends on the intent of design and can vary between warm tropical to opulent crafted based on personal needs,” shares Indrajit Kembhavi, Managing Partner, Kembhavi Architecture Foundation.

Bathrooms have evolved from spaces of mere ablution and personal hygiene to an evolved experience of home spa. “In this context, smart fixtures and fittings become extremely relevant to elevate sensory sensations while balancing harmony and responsibility of conserving resources. Automation goes a great way to reduce wastage of water while also reducing the electricity consumptions in the washrooms,” explains Kembhavi.

He further adds that technology has grown leaps and bounds with availability of phenomenal international products that cater to different kinds of bathing experience. “From jaccuzis to multi shower systems, we have a wide range to choose from. Also, thermal controls, heat pumps and circulation systems help in affording luxury quotient while retaining energy efficiency.”

Talking about convincing the clients to adopt a responsible luxury design approach, Kembhavi shares, “Clients are now quite aware and mature. They have availed the best of luxury through travel and also a lot of knowledge is available in the digital space in addition to experience centres created by many brands. Hence, it’s now much easier to educate clients on the subject.”

About the Architect and Firm:

Indrajit s. Kembhavi is a Managing Partner at Kembhavi Architecture Foundation (KAF). He completed his bachelor of Architecture from B.V.B college of Engineering Hubli after which he went for specialization in institutional architecture at Sir J.J. college of Architecture, Mumbai. He has worked with architect Gerad da cunha in Goa on a book of goan residential architecture “Houses of Goa”. He works as a design associate with KAF since 1997. He is also into construction where he is a partner in two reputed firms. His focus is on management systems, design and liason.

KAF was established in 1972 at Hubli, Karnataka by Nalini and Sharad Kembhavi and they spread their practice beyond the region into various parts of the country and the work included various sectors including healthcare, hospitality, housing, commercial spaces, public and institutional buildings etc. The firm is essentially known for its eco-sensitive approach to design and is among the pioneering green firms of the country.

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