Fluide Series Washbasin made out of concrete by Mumbai-based design firm MuseLAB launched by Nuance Studio

Nuance Studio Launches Wall Mounted “Fluid Series” Washbasins designed by MuseLAB

| Mrinmoy Dey


Nuance Studio, a pioneer in opulent concrete products, has recently introduced wall mounted “Fluid washbasins” designed by MuseLAB, a Mumbai-based architectural studio, spearheaded by Jasem Pirani and Huzefa Rangwala. The sculptural wall mounted Fluid Series by Nuance Studio pays homage to a brutalist material like concrete and the fluid forms in architecture. 

The perimeter of the rectangular vessel is highlighted by a few pinch points which inform the creases on the surfaces. The fluid-like form of the washbasins gradually tapers into a finial that levitates off the floor; it is designed to visually conceal the bottle trap and the brackets which anchor it to the wall. The ridges and valleys on the surface of the basin enhance both, the visual and tactile user experiences. The entire collection of Fluid Series of Washbasin is available in innumerable forms, colours and textures and these can be seen at Nuance Studio Flagship Studio in Bangalore and also here.

Fluide Series Washbasin made out of concrete by Mumbai-based design firm MuseLAB launched by Nuance Studio

Ajaay Srinivaas, Founding Director, Nuance Studio says, “Concrete washbasins are highly trending and well accepted globally in recent years. With the advancement in technology, today concrete can be moulded into a piece of art that is not just beautiful but functional and durable as well. Every product crafted in concrete is special and has its characteristics.”

He further adds that with the launch of Fluid Series, Nuance Studio is setting an example in the industry by making sensible use of natural resources and resonate the true essence of modern design. “Nuance Studio manufactures luxury and lifestyle washbasins using its cutting-edge technology of concrete i.e. Litheoz, which is highly malleable and sets to become rock solid with increased strength and low porosity, enabling their discerning clientele to choose any product crafted in almost any form and shape.”

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