Schell Modus Einhebelmische

Schell Modus Single-Lever Mixer With ThermoProtect-Technology

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Schell Modus single-lever mixer with ThermoProtect-Technology

Users are looking for improvements to hygiene and saving water as well as reliability and durability. In terms of products, Schell has provided over 2,000 expert answers to these demands. From taps and fittings for washbasins, kitchens, showers, WCs and urinals, to regulating angle valves or fittings for use with gas and heating systems or household appliances.

The Schell Modus single-lever mixer with ThermoProtect-Technology is the ideal choice for sanitary facilities used by children or individuals with reduced motor function since the mixer offers an optimum level of anti-scalding protection. Thanks to a choice of four variants, there is a version to suit any application. From a basic to a thermostatic cartridge, with a loop or designer handle – an attractive price/performance point and low water consumption are common to every model.

Anti-scalding protection and ingenious design are perfectly united by the Modus single-lever mixer with ThermoProtect-Technology. With its timeless contours, universal size, highly visible markings to ensure intuitive use and a choice of two orientations for the mixer range, this is a tap that is clearly designed for user-friendly operation. An ideal choice for fitting out both public and private nursing and bathing facilities. Other members of the Modus family of fittings are available to complement this installation.

Modus Einhebelmischer
The Schell Modus single-lever mixer with ThermoProtect-Technology is the ideal choice for sanitary facilities used by children or individuals with reduced motor function. Photo Courtesy: Schell
  • Single-lever mixer with a basic or thermostatic cartridge
  • Loop or designer handle
  • Flow volume: max. 5l/min pressure-independent, retrofitting with Schell accessories for LEED/BREEAM certification possible
  • Flow pressure: 1.0–5.0bar
  • static pressure: 8bar
  • Material: die-cast zinc handle, brass housing according to German drinking water regulations
  • Finish: chrome-plated
  • Noise class: I


  • Anti-scalding protection in all variants with thermostatic cartridge (ThermoProtect-Technology)
  • Saves water thanks to factory-set flow volume of 5l/min. Further reductions for building certifications are easily possible in combination with Schell flow restrictors.
  • Choice of two handle variants: designer handle in a popular solid style or a loop handle for even easier operation – such as for children or users with reduced motor function
  • Hydraulically sealed body without pull rod hole for easy, thorough cleaning. Matching Schell drain kits are optionally available.
  • The universal model that fits most wash basins thanks to an approx. 125mm reach and approx. 100mm height
Single lever Modus
Single Lever Modus features. Photo Courtesy: Schell

Advantages of single-lever mixer with thermostatic cartridge:

  • Optimal anti-scalding protection especially for children and nursing patients thanks to its thermostatically controlled temperature of 38°C even with the lever fully open to the hot water side
  • Important extra anti-scalding protection offered by water stop if cold water supply fails

Product features:

  • Flow rate: 9.0 l/min (pressure independent)
  • Flow pressure: 1.0-5.0 bar
  • Water temperature: max. 70°C (short-time use, e.g. for manual thermal disinfection)
  • Flow time setting: 5 – 30 s
  • With integrated backflow preventer
  • With an integrated shut-off valve
  • With filter
  • Tried-and-tested SC technology
  • Panel dimensions: 1263 x 220 x 70 mm
  • Panel prepared for connections from the wall, as well as connection lines from above/from the ceiling

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