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Sloan Expands Its Aer-Dec Integrated Sink Fixture Offerings

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Sloan Expands Its Aer-Dec Integrated Sink Fixture Offerings

Sloan has expanded its Aer-Dec integrated sink offering to include two new fixture options, the Clark Street and Rush Street style fixtures, in addition to its Basys style fixtures. Featuring a soap dispenser, faucet, hand dryer, and solid surface sink – all designed to work together, the Aer-Dec integrated sink provides touch-free convenience.

Wet floors can be dangerous to users’ safety, especially if they are in a rush. And, this product range aims to solve problems like the wastage of paper towels and water dripping on the floor.

“Each component of the Aer-Dec is designed to create a fully integrated system. The key to that integration is the patented Airbasin that redirects air and water flow to eliminate backsplash and updraft,” informs the company.

Sloan engineers and designers have collaborated to create a deck-mounted hand drying system, equipped with a pioneering sound suppression system and HEPA air filter that delivers quiet and clean airflow while using less energy.

Aer-Dec eliminates the need for paper towels and reduces maintenance, saving operational costs. “From water conservation to energy efficiency and eliminating the need for paper towels, these Sloan products promote environmental sustainability while benefiting users and enhancing business performance,” claims the company.

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