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Buzzing Trends

Buzzing Trends There is a steady stream of change in design sensibility and the trends reflect the times, writes Anurag Yadav The usual idea for designing a washroom normally assumes creating an entirely new space in a new building. Spurred by lifestyle preferences, there is a whole new market of washroom makeovers, redesigning and upgrading. …

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The Young Washroom

The Young Washroom Modern architecture and design is always developing a common language for the new millennial urban set in washrooms that reflect their idiom Preferences, economies, technologies and situations consistently evolve over the years. Along with them, the overall trends in inner space design also undergo constant alterations in approach and style. While new …

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Shower cubicle

The Shower Cubicle

The Shower Cubicle A hint of colour transforms an essentially plain glass washroom product. The Indian washroom moved miles from the traditional ‘Hauz’ style, the bucket and mug plebeian settings to luxury and stylish interpretations. This happened majorly in the last quarter of the last century. Before that in usual middle-class washrooms, the clear-cut delineation …

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“Since luxury should be timeless, it should transcend trends”

“Since luxury should be timeless, it should transcend trends” The washrooms in luxury hotels, such as at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, mirror a quiet statement of consistency and its Paris-based designer underlines her idea of stately design. Paris-based interior designer Sybille de Margerie founded Sybille de Margerie Studio, formerly known as SM Design, in …

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Design Trends In Small Bathrooms

Design Trends In Small Bathrooms Smart technologies and clever designs are transforming the bathing experience by bringing in innovations irrespective of the limited space area, writes Remona Divekar Bathing spaces, an essential part of every home have significantly evolved over the years catering to the ever-changing needs and preferences of the Indian consumer. With changes …

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Bathroom Trends for the Decade

Bathroom Trends For The Decade Changing business circumstances, consumer lifestyles, and preferences along with advancements in technologies present us with some exciting new avenues. Washroom and Beyond tries to capture the product and design-centric trends, that will shape the washroom design in this decade, from the leaders of the industry​. We’ve seen a lot of …

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