Dipen Gada, Founder Principal, Dipen Gada Associates

Minimalistic Design

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Dipen Gada, Founder & Principal Designer, Dipen Gada & Associates talks about adapting the minimalistic design approach to suit the Indian context.

Balancing aesthetics with functionality is a key aspect of a well-designed washroom. “Generally, in the area like washrooms which are highly technical we first attend to the basic functionality which gives a day to day comfort to the end user & then add the spark of aesthetic which enhances the experience of the washroom that helps to rejuvenate the occupant,” explains Dipen Gada, Founder & Principal Designer, Dipen Gada & Associates.

It is observed that furniture, accessories and gadgets add functionality to a washroom. However, overdoing it often leads to clutter. On balancing these aspects, Gada shares, “Our main objective is to optimise the design with needful and nothing extra. Generally, when client surveys the market, they come across many new, fancy gadgets, accessories and furniture and they are tempted to buy and experience them as much as possible. But all these things may not be useful in the long run so we try to educate the client and direct them to the needful. A well-balanced design combined with adoptive use of best quality of needful accessories gives a long-lasting and evergreen environment to experience with less maintenance and headache.”

Sharing insights on their minimalistic design approach, Gada adds, “Minimalistic design or clutter-free design is always appreciated in long run. In the case of compact washrooms, it becomes even more relevant and needful. We are open to all colour schemes based on the context and vision of individual projects. Our ideology is to go with lighter and soothing colour in the majority of our design with some accent break in a small area if at all it gives a different kind of impact.”

Talking about adapting the minimalistic design approach to the Indian context, Gada adds, “Minimalism design approach works beautifully in traditional Indian washrooms as well. The material palette that we choose will be towards the traditional side by keeping only needful accessories or gadgets thus enhancing our Indian traditional touch as well.”

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