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Roca Brings A Hint Of The Mediterranean To The Bathroom With Ona Collection

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Roca Brings A Hint Of The Mediterranean To The Bathroom With Ona Collection

The Ona collection, introduced by Roca, pays homage to the diverse shapes of nature from Mediterranean and combines the use of natural materials with water-saving technology and intuitive design. In collaboration with international design studios Noa Design and Benedito Design, the Roca design team has defined the Ona collection with a timeless aesthetic. The softness of its rounded corners reflects the smooth waves of the ocean, and the organic design of its ceramics touches one’s skin as lightly as a summer breeze.

Comprising basins, furniture, brassware, WCs, bidets, baths, and accessories, the complete bathroom range is stylishly designed to suit homes, hotels, or other public spaces. It is functional without ever appearing cold, with crisp aesthetics that follow the inherent warmth of the natural environment, made for those who enjoy the power of silent landscapes.

“Mediterranean way of life stands for simplicity, care and connection. So does the Ona Collection, respecting natural materials. It radiates this sentiment to each home and context anew, propagating connection and making the essence of the Mediterranean palpable. The simplicity of the design plays a central role, perfectly evoking the organic authenticity of sea-facing culture,” shares the Roca Design Team.


According to Roca, the maximum amount of research has gone into identifying and developing the essential characteristics of the collection, giving a luxurious feeling to simplicity, organic shapes and innovative materials. “Rather than showing off, the priority is to feel well within well-designed surroundings where hygiene, performance and comfort are of primary concern.”

 Design: Slim basins feature a more subtle yet durable design with faucets that are quite something: a cylindrical and slender body and a flat rectangular handle, in perfect harmony with the shape of the spout. In addition, the hidden fixations of the WC allow for a clean and minimal look. The gentle matt white colour can be complemented with furniture and accessories in Mediterranean trend colours.

Comfort: Ona provides a series of notable features such as a comfortable WC height, a big flush button and a soft-close seat and WC cover with a practical button for a quick release, and faucets in varying sizes. In addition, asymmetric basins and corner baths provide wide shelves, while furniture drawers with soft-close features and complete extraction conveniently store users’ belongings.

Hygiene: Rimless toilets are free of angles or nooks, and the Supraglaze coating applied on the ceramic pieces, ensures more accessible and more efficient cleaning. Roca’s touchless technology, employed in flushing, faucets and soap dispensers, function without direct contact for extra peace of mind.

Sustainability: Roca uses technology and design to save water, such as a reduced 4.5/3L flush and faucets that feature the Cold Start system and 5L/min flow limiters. But water isn’t the only thing the company considers. The Fineceramic technology produces lighter basins which minimise the impact of transport and the production process to limit the carbon footprint.

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