NeoControl Thermostatic Diverter by Bathsense from Asian Paints

Bathsense from the House of Asian Paints Launches Neocontrol Thermostatic Diverter

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Bathsense from the House of Asian Paints Launches Neocontrol Thermostatic Diverter

Bathsense from the house of Asian Paints has recently introduced Neocontrol Thermostatic Diverter that puts the control of the shower and bathing experience in the user’s hands. With its elegant and minimalist design, Neocontrol allows the user best-in-class temperature control and offers a range of showering options, effortlessly controlling the flow with easy-grip knobs. The concentric knob with the push for on-off and rotary feature for volume control is an engineered form of minimalistic design – a latest trendsetter.

But Neocontrol is more than just a showering mechanism; it’s a showering experience. The modular concealed system comes with a robust cover that looks seamless and is easy to install. Having independent CAP markings denoting the various water outlets provides complete modularity to choose any outlet for any function. “Neocontrol works with ceiling showers, bathtub spouts, body jets, dual-flow body showers, brass body showers, and self-cleaning telephonic showers. Not only is it completely in your control, but it is completely safe also. The safety lock restricts any sudden or false movement towards the hot side and prevents hot water scalding,” informs the company.

Bathsense believes that bathing is not just a daily ritual; it’s an opportunity for rejuvenation, self-care, and self-expression. Products such as the Neocontrol Thermostatic Diverter are more than just fixtures; they are instruments that orchestrate one’s bathing symphony, transforming it into a harmonious experience that elevates the user’s daily routine. “In our world where individuality is acknowledged and celebrated, Bathsense invites you to explore a realm where every bathroom is a canvas, every fixture is a brushstroke, and every day begins with a touch of elegance. This showering experience is available in finishes such as Matt Black and Rose Gold.”

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