Marmorea shower column by Fima Carlo Frattini

Fima Carlo Frattini Introduces Marmorea Shower Column

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Fima Carlo Frattini Introduces Marmorea Shower Column

In a pursuit to transcend conventional living experiences, Fima Carlo Frattini India has introduced the new Marmorea shower column designed by Davide Vercelli that revolutionises the design language of outdoor wellness.

The ultimate aspiration was to create a shower column that transcended its mere utilitarian purpose, emerging as the unequivocal centrepiece of any bath space. Whether gracing the interiors of opulent penthouses, luxurious apartments, private villas, or elevating the ambience of spa areas and resorts, this exceptional creation aimed to leave an indelible impression with its unmistakable presence.

The primary objective laid in introducing a product that seamlessly melded aesthetics and functionality, harmonizing flawlessly with both exterior and interior environments within the realm of well-being. The vision of an alfresco shower experience served as the guiding principle for Marmorea, influencing the carefully curated palette of colours and the diverse water supply options.

“We acknowledge that living spaces are an extension of their occupants. As such, our creations embody not just a dedication to design excellence but also an innate comprehension of their ever-evolving desires and aspirations,” commented Amandeep Singh Anand, Director of Fima Carlo Frattini – India.

He further added that with Marmorea, one can opt for a gentle shower of finely misted micro-drops or a more invigorating waterfall, solely to indulge in a moment of well-being while enjoying the freedom of the surrounding environment.

“Stainless steel, known for its resilience against atmospheric elements, was judiciously selected, along with variations of white Carrara and black Marquina marble, to underscore the project’s exclusivity and establish a sturdy, multi-purpose foundation for the product.”

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