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Panasonic Introduces Electronic Commode Seats

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Home automation is now paving its path towards a life where humans control technology with a click of a button. With the rise in technological advancement, bidet toilets are not far behind. Whether it is to have smart showers or hygienic toilet seats in the bathroom, with the number of growing customer aspirations Panasonic Life Solutions India has recently introduced the Electric Toilet Seat (ETS) that promises better safety, comfort, and most significantly hygiene in the homes.

Technology has put a modern twist on bathroom fixtures that have resulted in one of the key elements for bathrooms around the world. The development of the bidet mainly occurred from a Japanese innovation that reshaped the bidet experience into a must-have luxury. Consumers across continents are reconsidering the archaic use of toilet paper and making the shift to bidets—with a good reason. These useful smart bathroom devices consist of several benefits for personal hygiene.

Panasonic Electronic Commode

Panasonic Hygiene Seat is designed with the latest antibacterial seat technology that ensures personal hygiene and safety considering the current pandemic situation. Apart from that, it consists of a unique 3D curve seat along with an electric bidet that adjusts according to each body type suitable for all. The product is built with smart features making it hassle-free and offers a hands-free experience that suppresses bacterial growth on the antibacterial seat and nozzle. 

The ETS comprises a built-in water filter to keep the impurities at bay. The two washing modes in the product allow the user to control/adjust the water temperature between 34-40 degrees as per their liking. It also has a built-in safety feature of electrical leakage indicator, occupancy switch & backflow prevention.

The evolving aspirations when it comes to interiors are dynamically changing across the globe. Connected living is the next big thing, especially with the user-friendly products that are constantly innovated in the market. Panasonic Life Solutions India’s well-designed ETS brings comfort and ease together that is unmatched with the best in class features, it enhances the overall experience of high-end technology.

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