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Save Water With The GROHE Rover

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Save Water With The GROHE Rover

Sustainability, water conservation and environment consciousness are gaining importance and relevance, not just among people associated with construction, such as builders, contractors, architects and designers, but also among end-users. At GROHE, sustainability is a core pillar around which the business is built. As one of the leading global bathroom brands, GROHE believes it is critical to educate and equip users with water-saving products for the home so that together, we all help preserve this most precious natural resource.

Sustainable Water Conservation
GROHE's sustainable water conservation technique

Across millions of households, leaking faucets and showers lead to the wastage of billions of litres of water every year.  According to studies, one leaky faucet dripping at one drop per second wastes more than 7,800 litres of water a year!  This is a simple problem to solve, yet most people do not address it due to a lack of awareness, intent or know-how. 

This alarming reality has led GROHE India to undertake a new initiative in water conservation. In association with MyGate, which is an Indian security and community management app, GROHE is on a mission to spread awareness about water wastage and to help solve this problem by fixing leaking faucets and showers across societies in Bengaluru.

Water Saving Products GROHE
Water saving products by GROHE

With the help of the GROHE Rover, which is a state-of-the-art display and demo vehicle, the GROHE team of technicians travels from society to society across Bengaluru, to help fix leaking taps and plumbing fixtures free of cost. With the GROHE team’s expertise and guidance, fixing leaks becomes a simple task.

Through this campaign, GROHE aims to reach out to as many households as possible to help save millions of litres of water every year, while also spreading awareness about the need to conserve this most precious natural resource. 

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