Panel Discussion on Responsible Luxury held in Ahmedabad

Can Luxury Be Responsible?

Can Luxury Be Responsible? The panellists discussed ways how luxury can be responsible and what will it take to make responsible luxury a widespread phenomenon Luxury is often associated with opulence, exclusivity, grandeur and providing the ultimate experience. “This often means inclusive of expensive materials and high-tech fixtures. This also results in over utilisation of …

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Shower from Orbital Systems recycles its own water

Showering A Better Future

Showering A Better Future Water scarcity is the top most global risk. Washrooms in any building, private or public, are the biggest guzzlers of this precious resource. Consider this, a mere 10-minute shower at home or in a hotel by a guest leads to consumption of copious amounts of water. However, there is now a …

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Sustainable washroom designs

Why Does Sustainability Matter?

Why Does Sustainability Matter? Despite its initial higher cost as compared to traditional buildings, sustainable buildings can lessen the operating cost throughout their lifecycle while positively influencing the occupant’s health, efficiency and productivity. This often leads to higher property valuations! It’s a well-known phenomenon that construction projects consume huge amounts of materials and in the …

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Gratitude Villa Balcony

ACC Builds The First ‘Gratitude Villa’ In India, As Part Of Its Global “Houses Of Tomorrow” Initiative

ACC Builds The First ‘Gratitude Villa’ In India, As Part Of Its Global “Houses Of Tomorrow” Initiative As a concrete step towards bringing sustainable construction, ACC Ltd. has launched Houses of Tomorrow (HOT) in India, a global initiative by Holcim. This will make ACC the first Indian building materials manufacturer to measure and promote low …

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Grohe Rover

Save Water With The GROHE Rover

Save Water With The GROHE Rover Sustainability, water conservation and environment consciousness are gaining importance and relevance, not just among people associated with construction, such as builders, contractors, architects and designers, but also among end-users. At GROHE, sustainability is a core pillar around which the business is built. As one of the leading global bathroom …

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Sustainable Washroom Design

Designed to be Sustainable

The plumbing and water systems in the office building of Manish Kumat Design Cell in Indore has been designed using green building principles as the pivot, writes Mrinmoy Dey. This green office building in Indore, designed by Manish Kumat Design Cell, abides by the philosophy of Panchatatva Elements. The whole building is designed keeping sustainability …

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