Accentuating the small space

Accentuating the Small Space

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Accentuating the Small Space

The increase in urbanisation has led to a shortage of space and a rise in apartment prices. ‘Small Size Premium Spa’ by Michael Sieger meets with numerous individual needs- the highest standards of comfort, functionality and improved quality of life, writes Anurag Yadav

The bathroom is becoming a living space as residents’ private domains accommodate their desire for revitalisation, the tranquillity they require and act as a counterpoint to the ever more dynamic lives they lead. To develop brand concepts and products with a unique selling point is the mission statement of Sieger Design. From the first designer fitting and innovative bath-and-shower combinations to holistic bathroom collections, expansive rain effects and scenario-controlled showers, the design bureau has been setting the pace in the sector for more than 30 years. Working on behalf of partners in the industry, as well as a host of other international brands, the company develops holistic strategies and designs that are based on sound scientific analysis.

Accentuating the small space
Integrated light strips and spots create the right mood depending on the condition. Photo Courtesy: Sieger Design

Brothers Christian and Michael Sieger are the second generation to successfully run a family-owned business, which was founded in 1964. Based at the company headquarters of Harkotten Castle in Germany, more than 40 employees work in an interdisciplinary manner. As a result, marketing, design, communication, architecture, design management and public relations all happen under one roof, thus enabling a holistic approach.

At ISH 2015, Sieger Design unveiled a series of exciting new developments. In the last three decades, the design house has created many iconic products which continue to inspire the diverse industry even today. Keeping up with this quest, the design house has now introduced the ‘Small Size Premium Spa’ concept – a proposed solution that reflects current trends and meets users’ increasing expectations, all in a space measuring just about six square metres.

Accentuating the small space II
An Isometric view of the ‘Small Size Premium Spa’. Photo Courtesy: Sieger Design

The Small Size Premium Spa

In his new concept that helps create a spacious feel in a limited area, Michael Sieger turns his attention to the modern premium bathroom and the way it reflects societal trends. The increased shortage of living space and rising apartment prices caused by growing urbanisation are just two of these grounds. With numerous individual choices, the ‘Small Size Premium Spa’ meets the highest standards in terms of comfort, functionality and enhanced quality of life.

Well-planned architecture and functional arrangement of elements form the basis of Sieger’s new concept. Despite the limited space of just 6.2 sq.m., the room offers a range of usage options – including for two people. This applies in particular to the luxurious shower area (approx. 3.5m2), which is separated from the rest of the space on two sides by a glass barrier. The bathroom flows into the living area, enabling daylight to enter. As new shower applications offer a similar level of comfort to bathing and, as these are set to grow in importance, the Small Size Premium Spa concept does not contain a bath. The space gained can therefore be used for other functions.

Michael Sieger

Sieger Design

“The ‘Small Size Premium Spa’ is a great example that displays how a well-planned design can transform a small space into a spacious and seemingly luxurious area.”

With the Ambiance Tuning Technique (ATT) fittings technology and the Horizontal Shower application (Dornbracht), users can enjoy the shower both standing up and lying down on a recliner- a heatable lying surface. An integrated shower tube with a laminar water flow enables a variety of additional regenerative applications on the heatable ledge. Right from the ceiling down, the minimalist design maximises the quality of the user experience. With an integrated rain panel, the water comes down as though from the sky (Big Rain, Dornbracht). 

Furthermore, additional elements can be added to enable various soothing and regenerative sensual experiences, incorporating the preconfigured scenarios of light, fragrance and sound. The dry zone is also characterised by minimalist design and a high level of functionality. Discharge points have been positioned at the double washbasin. The shower toilet (SensoWash, Duravit) offers convenient personal hygiene.

The Design

The washroom space is divided into two areas: the wet zone and the dry zone. When compared to the shower area the dry zone also has a reduced design and functionality. The double vanity (with unison pool, Alape) has specialised outlet points: an extended spray- which can be used to wash hair and there is a casting tube provided for partial body treatments and a stationary outlet, which can be used with rotating 180-degree aerator jet for oral irrigators. The dry zone is positioned in such a way that an opening door does not touch the toilet users and even covers it simultaneously. In addition, placing a large mirror with integrated display, purist furniture and finishes such as marble and Macassar ebony created an inviting ambience. Moreover, underfloor heating adds warmth to the space.

Accentuating the small space
LED technology is revolutionising the concept of mood lighting and leading to entirely new possibilities. Photo Courtesy: Sieger Design

Light and Ambience

The space offers comfort with a balance of warm materials and a lighting concept and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Integrated light strips and spots create the right mood depending on the condition. In particular, LED technology is revolutionising the concept of mood lighting and leading to entirely new possibilities. In future, the trend will be moving from the typically classic two light sources on the ceiling and mirror to the more advanced form of lighting.

A premium bathroom does justice to discerning requirements whilst incorporating a variety of usage options and applications. The ‘Small Size Premium Spa’ is a great example that displays how a well-planned design can transform a small space into a spacious and seemingly luxurious area.

[The article was published in the March-April 2015 issue of Washrooms and Beyond magazine.]

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