Glass solutions by Hafele

| Washrooms & Beyond


Glass executes the most exquisite designs within interior spaces – be it in the form of a sleek entrance door to offices or boutiques or as a framed partition door for balconies or an aesthetic mirrored rendition on a magnificent wardrobe door; no matter how it is used, it exudes an inherent classiness and style. The sheer transparency and delicacy of glass gives an expensive and luxurious aura to any glass application within the interior space. 

But without the right functionality backing it, any rendition or application made of glass will only be reduced to a pile of life-less sheets. It is the way the glass is installed or the way it moves (in case of doors), that truly renders it to its full potential of style and excellence. Being the expert in hardware, Häfele offers a holistic range of solutions that can be applied to glass making it a functional and aesthetically pleasing application.

“From installation of glass panels with connectors (patch and point fittings) to the accurate hanging and operation of glass doors with hinges and floor-springs – we have it all. Our range also includes the most sophisticated solutions to install and operate sliding doors made of glass for internal partitions as well as doors on furniture and wardrobe units,” shares the company.

Taking it to the next level, Hafele has now introduced which it claims to be the most exquisite designs, configurations and applications of shower enclosures for bathrooms. Right from the glass sheets to the hardware and sealing systems as well as the shower systems and accessories form a part of the holistic solutions that Häfele offers in this segment. “With this, comes our comprehensive service proposition where our team of experts walks with you through the entire tenure of the project.”

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