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Hindware Launches Aqua Pro Water Saving Solutions

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Hindware Launches Aqua Pro Water Saving Solutions

In response to India’s urgent water scarcity challenges, Hindware, the country’s leading bathware brand, has launched ‘Aqua Pro Water Saving Solutions.’ The range introduces three advanced nozzles aimed at transforming water usage habits: the Dual Mode nozzle, providing water savings of up to 98%; the Dome Mode nozzle, allowing users to conserve up to 96% of water; and the Spray Mode nozzle, designed to decrease water usage by up to 85%.

Hindware has partnered with the Swedish innovation company, Altered, to bring these revolutionary nozzles to market under ‘Aqua Pro Water Saving Solutions’. Through this strategic partnership, Hindware gains access to Altered’s patented technology and has started manufacturing of these water-saving nozzles at its own plant. This move aims to make these innovative solutions more affordable and accessible to a wider audience.

The Dual Mode nozzle provides water savings of up to 98%; the Dome Mode nozzle allows users to conserve up to 96% of water. Photo Courtesy: Hindware

Commenting on the launch, Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, CEO Bath & Tiles Business, Hindware Limited said, “With the introduction of these affordably priced nozzles under Aqua Pro Water Saving Solutions, our aim is to enable millions across the country to access water-saving products and make a substantial contribution to sustainable water conservation efforts in India.”

He further added, “Our partnership with Altered marks a significant milestone in Hindware’s commitment to tackling India’s pressing water crisis. This partnership underscores our dedication to offering top-tier products in the nation, and we are excited to embark on this journey together.”

Johan Nihlén, CEO, Altered said, “We are excited to join forces with Hindware, the first bathware company globally to collaborate with Altered. In the face of water scarcity, our partnership aims to empower individuals and communities to actively contribute to the preservation of our precious water resources.”

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