SCHELL concealed WC flush valve COMPACT II

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In high-traffic areas or where space is at a premium, SCHELL recommends the use of its concealed WC flush valves. They combine the flush-on-demand concealed COMPACT II fitting with an operating panel that is not only attractive but also hard-wearing and easy to clean.

If you have cleaned a conventional shower channel before, you will know how much dirt can accumulate under the cover. “The new Geberit shower channels CleanLine offer an ideal solution to this unhygienic problem, as there are no hidden edges and no corners in difficult-to-reach places. And what’s more, the small inlet connector cover with integrated comb insert can be removed and cleaned in no time at all.”

1. Roughing in set for mechanical or electronic actuation

2. Low-noise concealed flush valve with internal isolating valve to raise all WC operating panels

3. EDITION/AMBITION as well as WC-control EDITION E

4. Flush unit with anti-vacuum device according to DIN EN 12541

5. For flat wash out and wash down bowls


Some of the advantages of the Concealed flush valve includes: no storage of STP water in the tank and hence, no stagnation. It includes Dual Flush 3/6 litres adjustable to 4.5 litres and Adjustable flush volume (4.5 – 9 litres).

Suitable for 4.5 litres WC economy ceramic units, it doesn’t need any stop valve or ledge wall. This LEED certified Dual Flush Valve with build-in shut off valve comes with attractive selection of small and sleek control panels.

Material: all parts conducting water out of dezincification-resistant brass

Test Mark: PA-IX 188441/l, DIN-DVGW certified in conjunction with SCHELL finishing set, Belgaqua

Noise Class: I

Weight: 1.62 kg/pc; Dimension: DN 20 G ¾ ext. thread

Control Panels

“Water-saving with the manual concealed WC flush valves EDITION and AMBITION can be so easy. In addition to single flush designs, there is also a water-saving, dual flush solution available in different designs. All together, they are the small front panels,” Informs the company.

Available in chrome, stainless steel or glass, even there where low flow pressures are anticipated, SCHELL has a solution with low-pressure fittings that function from 0.8 bar flow pressure at the fitting.