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Sloan Introduces the Next-Gen Flushing System – Truflush Flushometer

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Sloan Introduces the Next-Gen Flushing System – Truflush Flushometer

Sloan has launched in India Truflush Flushometer, the next-gen flushing solution. Sloan offers a complete line of ‘Made in India’ concealed flushometers in multiple activation options: manual dual and single-flush with easy-to-push buttons, mechatronic dual-flush with tactile push buttons, and sensor single-flush with advanced infrared technology that delivers hygienic, hands-free operation. “Sloan’s innovative engineering, quality materials, and expert workmanship have developed flushometers to meet the needs of the Indian market,” claims the company.

According to the company, Sloan Truflush Flushometers are the go-to choice for architects, designers, engineers, contractors, and building owners looking for quality and reliability in a wide array of commercial, residential, and industrial restroom applications, and are available for both water closets and urinals. “We built it to be vandal resistant, ensuring impressive product longevity that won’t tarnish over time. The small size and concealed valve allow for it to be an integral part of any restroom without interrupting the integrity of the design or architecture.”

The Truflush has been designed with as few parts as possible, making maintenance a breeze. Once installed, all the servicing of repair parts can be done single-handedly in front of the wall, through the wall plate using half the labour. “No longer do facility managers or end users need to worry about congested plumbing chases for routine repairs,” asserts the company.

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