Root Faucets by Vitra

Vitra Root Faucets Ensures Touchless Hygiene

| Mrinmoy Dey


Vitra Root Faucets Ensures Touchless Hygiene

The Root faucet collection from Vitra features a wide array of forms and sizes, which are perfect for complementing any bathroom design concept. The touch-free faucet collection from Vitra has motion-activated technology that provides convenient, hands-free hygiene. Touchless faucets, which are particularly useful in public use areas, can help reduce the transmission of pathogens and other organisms that lead to contamination.

Vitra’s Root faucets provide a combination of safety and water savings by preventing water wastage as they automatically stop water flowing when the user moves away from the sensor. Vitra’s Root also features thermostatic bathroom mixers which keep the water temperature constant without requiring adjustment, providing a comfortable user experience. When the cold water is cut off, the mixers also disconnect the hot water thereby preventing users from being harmed. The mixers, which are either connected to the mains or battery-operated, have waterproof cables for safe use.

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