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The Rise of Experiential Retailing_

The Rise of Experiential Retailing

Virtual Showroom: Replicating a Physical Store Online Bobby Joseph Leader, LWT India & Subcon In response to the recent trend in experiential retailing and the evolving landscape shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, our company has embraced innovative technologies to enhance the consumer buying experience. We converted our Bangalore showroom into a virtual platform, which serves …

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Washroom Design Norms

Washroom Design Norms It is common sense and experience that develops rules and norms but it is always better to codify them. The washroom is densely stacked with electricity, water and sewer services. More than walls and good-looking floors, there is a lot going on below and behind the surface that needs proper attention for …

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The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperor’s New Clothes The hospitality industry will soon witness guests marking the final differentiation between real luxury and the China market version, writes Anurag Yadav. Real estate lives and breathes at the very core of aspirations in India. Especially amongst the fast-growing middle class and the equal speed of the higher segment’s consolidation and …

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Accentuating the small space

Accentuating the Small Space

Accentuating the Small Space The increase in urbanisation has led to a shortage of space and a rise in apartment prices. ‘Small Size Premium Spa’ by Michael Sieger meets with numerous individual needs- the highest standards of comfort, functionality and improved quality of life, writes Anurag Yadav The bathroom is becoming a living space as …

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Luxury for the new Consumer

LUXURY FOR THE NEW-AGE CONSUMERS Washrooms are set to hit the hyperloop as far as the modern clients’ desire for more and urge to change drives the high-end market. The washroom has, for decades, turned into the symbol of affluence, creativity and social snob value as well for most consumers who can afford the indulgence. …

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Axor Starck Nature shower for outdoor designed by Philippe Starck

The Luxury of Outdoor Showering

The Luxury of Outdoor Showering Developed in collaboration with Philippe Starck, the Axor Starck Nature Shower range offers its users the pleasure of open-air showering. In a world that seems increasingly dominated by technology and urban landscapes, there is an undeniable appeal to reconnecting with nature. In this context, the demand for ‘outdoor living’ continues …

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Villeroy and Boch Venticello collection

Buzzing Trends

Buzzing Trends There is a steady stream of change in design sensibility and the trends reflect the times, writes Anurag Yadav The usual idea for designing a washroom normally assumes creating an entirely new space in a new building. Spurred by lifestyle preferences, there is a whole new market of washroom makeovers, redesigning and upgrading. …

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Minimalistic Washroom Design

Less Will Always Be More

Less Will Always Be More The idea of minimalism is evergreen but its application can be maximised infinitely. Modern washroom design is defined by its appearance and it is marked by usually straight lines, a minimalist sense and clean counter spaces. Decorative motifs are totally out and geometric shapes are the repeated theme. The nomenclature …

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Sustainable Washroom Design

Sustainable Washroom Design Manish Kumat, Founder and Principal Designer, Manish Kumat Design Cell explains the strategies adopted by the firm in designing sustainable washrooms. What are the key aspects of designing a sustainable/green washroom? The first and foremost consideration in designing a sustainable/ green washroom is to preserve the last drop of water. This would …

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