How These 8 Technologies Will Change Our Bathrooms in 2024

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How These 8 Technologies Will Change Our Bathrooms in 2024

Bathroom technologies are changing at an unprecedented rate. We have curated eight bathroom technological innovations that are indeed game-changers.

Studies show that most people use smartphones in their washrooms. New technology and innovative trends started evolving to make the space comfortable and relaxing for the modern user.

One of the biggest trends in the present day is smart washrooms and smart home technology, and with more and more innovative products, technology has made its way to washrooms as well. The technology changing our bathrooms will slowly have features that all generations can comfortably use. Due to this rise in technological trends, both builders and homeowners are now paying attention to these details.

All of us need to move with these technological developments not only for the cause of comfort and convenience but also to keep in mind factors such as energy or water savings and safety.

A lot of appliances and products in the coming days will be designed and manufactured to provide maximum energy-saving, water-saving, and safety features.

Not to forget, in these difficult times during the pandemic, it is also important to focus on the health and hygiene of users.

More and more technological innovations are being introduced, keeping the pandemic in mind.  

Here we will be looking at some of the technological advancements that bring change to our bathrooms and is going to gain much popularity in many sectors of society so that we have safe and hygienic washrooms:

1. Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are the new washroom technology and will be the most popular product in the coming days. Smart toilets are developing even today, but the main barrier comes with their functionality and controls, which will be easier and user-friendly. 

Latest bathroom technology
Thanks to the push towards hygiene, Smart Toilets are gaining traction. Photo Courtesy: Laufen, Roca

These smart toilets are equipped with futuristic technologies like motion control, voice command control, water-saving features, and app control. However, high cost and maintenance are deterring its widespread adoption so far.

Manufacturers are also going to be introducing them in different designs and colours once it gains popularity just like any other daily washroom product that we have in our homes today.

2. Smart Mirrors

Users are going to be spending more time in washrooms than usual once smart mirrors gain popularity.

From reading the morning news to watching TV and listening to music, a smart mirror is capable of offering all that you have been experiencing even from your living room or any other space in your house.

Innovation in bathroom technology
Smart Mirrors are gaining popularity in recent times; Photo Courtesy: Kohler

Users can also view their integrated cameras installed all around the house from their washrooms; this feature is also very helpful for the hospitality industry.

Today, some users still have magazines or bookshelves in their washrooms, but soon, these shelves can be replaced with digital screens, which do all the work while you just relax.

3. Freestanding and Smart Tubs

Since many companies are switching to the option of working from home even in the future, homeowners will be using washrooms as a relaxing space where they have smart tubs that work just with one touch, making their lives convenient.

bathroom technologies in 2022
Freestanding tubs not only enhance the aesthetic of the bathroom but also are preferred in washroom with view of the outside; Photo Courtesy: Ishan on Unsplash

After smart toilets, smart showers, and tubs are going to be the next product that will gain popularity and be used by many homeowners.

Similar to smart toilets, smart showers will also be featuring technologies like voice sensors, touch sensors, app controls, and many such personalised options for you to have your ideal shower. Users will be able to activate their smart showers from literally any location.

4. Smart Showers

While one-half of the population prefers luxury and gadgets in their personalised washrooms, the other half considers washrooms as a space to relax and get away from the digitalised world.

The second half usually prefer alone time without their smartphones and gadgets. Innovations and technologies in products will be personalised focusing only on comfort and relaxation for a stress-free experience.

smart bathroom technology
Advancement in shower technologies are redeifing the luxury washrooms as the epicentre of refreshment and relaxation. Photo Courtesy: Grohe

5. Digital Faucets

You could even set a particular timer that automatically turns off water flow when you’re engaged in activities like brushing your teeth.

These features are a great investment for your futuristic bathrooms in terms of hygiene and safety as well. Hygiene is going to be the most important factor in the upcoming days, so what better than touchless technology?

water tech bathroom fittings
Digital faucets will improve the water and energy efficiency of the bathrooms. Photo Courtesy: Hansgrohe

The main goal of futuristic washrooms is going to be water-saving and energy-saving for which digital faucets are a great choice.

Digital faucets will be developing a lot of technological features that come with sensor and touchless technologies.

These faucets will be able to control the flow of water and also control its temperature with just a single touch.

6. Innovation in Materials Used

Considering the right choice of material for your bathrooms can become a crucial part of its design because the longevity and durability of your fixtures depend on what kind of materials and products you invest in.

Marble bathrooms are going to be the most preferred choice in terms of materials for walls and floors. Marbles can come in different patterns and colours, and they also have a lot of variation.

innovative bathroom materials
Marble is still very popular in high-end bathrooms. Exposed Concrete, wood and brick is gaining popularity in retro washrooms. Photo Courtesy: Sanibell Bv on Unsplash

Porcelain is going to be the second popular option to be used in bathrooms because they are very durable and non-porous.

Talking about porcelain, concrete walls and floors are equally popular due to the raw finish that they give.

Exposed concrete, brick, and stone are a few materials that are can be used as an alternative to traditional materials like tiles. It makes way for sustainability and gives you a natural finish as well.

7. Lighting

Apart from technology involving bathroom products, there are going to be more innovations coming up in terms of technology in bathroom lightings.

Since everything is going to get digitalised, natural lighting and ventilation in washrooms may also be replaced by digital lighting and innovations for ventilation systems.

water tech bathroom cabinets
Mood lighting in bathroom is going to enhace the user experience. Photo Courtesy: Hansgrohe

The main goal of tomorrow’s technology would be to conserve all the natural resources that we have today; luxury and comfort come along.

Any product that consumes a lot of energy and requires a lot of maintenance would be avoided by the user. Since we are just at the beginning of this smart technology era, we must understand that washroom technology is bound to reach vast levels of innovations that we would have not even thought of.

8. Luxury and innovations

Homeowners will be introduced to different types of lighting systems for different parts of their bathroom and for different tasks in their bathroom that can increase the user’s efficiency.

Technology is just providing a better experience in terms of design, comfort, and functions for us as users, but at the same time, it is upon us to integrate it and make use of it responsibly.

high tech bathroom design
The modern luxury bathrooms of the future will be high on technology. Photo Courtesy: Toto

Luxurious bathrooms can even come up with an innovation that can monitor body mass and weight, or any other health-related possibilities; the scope is huge.

Tomorrow’s technology could even be such that the valves and other services which cannot be seen with bare eyes are also made as sensors. We might even be able to fix any repair in one of the plumbing systems with just one click.

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