Luxury Washroom


Gracious Grey

Gracious Grey The bathroom is designed as an epitome of luxurious composition between the outside and the inside. After entering the space, one sees a clear visual axis which makes the space look seamless. “The most important requirement was connection with personal space and to get a seamless area. The client being a nature lover, …

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How These 8 Technologies Will Change Our Bathrooms in 2024

How These 8 Technologies Will Change Our Bathrooms in 2024 Bathroom technologies are changing at an unprecedented rate. We have curated eight bathroom technological innovations that are indeed game-changers. Studies show that most people use smartphones in their washrooms. New technology and innovative trends started evolving to make the space comfortable and relaxing for the …

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Spacious Bathroom Design by Studio Camarada, Bengaluru

Airy and Spacious

Airy and Spacious The large open layout is what stands out about this bathroom. “A large open bathroom space is what the client wanted. There was a provision for a bathtub that we later changed into a dry area which fitted a console unit. Apart from that, the idea of the washroom was to feel …

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Washroom design for the elderly

Washroom Design For the Elderly While safety and convenience are the key words for washrooms for use by senior citizens, they do not have to appear clinical or dull according to Megha Dave Srinivasamurthy. Although relax, unwind and contemplate are some of the emotions generally evoked by luxury bathrooms, to some, the very space can …

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Panel Discussion on Responsible Luxury held in Ahmedabad

Can Luxury Be Responsible?

Can Luxury Be Responsible? The panellists discussed ways how luxury can be responsible and what will it take to make responsible luxury a widespread phenomenon Luxury is often associated with opulence, exclusivity, grandeur and providing the ultimate experience. “This often means inclusive of expensive materials and high-tech fixtures. This also results in over utilisation of …

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Open Bathroom by Ruchi Sharma

An Open Bathroom

An Open Bathroom The design brief for this washroom was to connect bedroom with bathroom. “Hence, the bed back wall marble cladding continues onto bathroom walls with clear class & high gloss metal sheet on the ceiling. This made the entire space seamlessly blend into the luxury of this bedroom,” explains Ruchi Sharma, Principal Designer, …

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Tulum Faucet design by Philippe Starck for Duravit

Duravit Introduces a New Faucet Series – Tulum by Starck

Duravit Introduces a New Faucet Series – Tulum by Starck Following the successful introduction of “White Tulip”, Tulum represents Philippe Starck’s second faucet series for Duravit. The harmonious combination of round and angular forms brings timeless elegance to the collection. The faucets are highly adaptable, and slot perfectly into a varied range of bathroom interiors …

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A Jewel Box

A Jewel Box This glamorous looking bathroom is a part of a residential project in Worli, Mumbai – designed by Mumbai-based architectural firm Drishti Architects. The art panel on the wall catches the eye instantly.  Talking about the concept behind the design, Sunil Gambani, Principal Architect, Drishti Architects shares, “The client used only one word …

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Application of Wood in a Luxury Residential Washroom

Wood as a Material for Washroom

Wood as a Material for Washroom Despite the many challenges associated with using wood in a washroom, the raw and rustic aesthetic lends a lovely vibe to the space and makes the challenges worthwhile, writes Mrinmoy Dey The evolution of washroom as a personal space for relaxation and rejuvenation has two major takeaways from design …

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Responsible Luxury Washroom by 42mm architecture headed by architect Rudraksh Charan

Responsible Luxury: An oxymoron or an opportunity?

Responsible Luxury: An Oxymoron Or An Opportunity? Increasingly, luxury is becoming aligned with concern for the planet, and many high-end consumers now link personal satisfaction with low-impact products that boost our collective and environmental well-being. Designers and bathroom products manufacturers throw light on this phenomenon and what it means for luxury washroom design. Luxury living …

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