Bathroom Interiors

Grohe shower designs

“Premium customers demand an elevated experience and we believe in providing the best…”

“Premium customers demand an elevated experience and we believe in providing the best…” To help transform bath spaces into intimate retreats, Grohe India recently launched the Grohe Spa Rainshower Aqua at a gala event in Delhi. Driven by the passion for water and for creating luxury experiences for all the senses, the Grohe Spa range …

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Child’s Play

Child’s Play A well-designed kid’s washroom is all about providing a fun-filled space, which can even be exploratory in nature, with a cheerful vibe while also ensuring hygiene and safety, writes Sanjitha Suresh. The washroom space has evolved over time to suit the personal requirements of the users. So much so that the user’s personality …

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Plus signed washroom

The Plus Signed Washroom

The Plus Signed Washroom The luxury washroom reflects the opulence and stands out with the meticulous design of each of the four parts, discovers Mrinmoy Dey The unconventional maze-like design is the key highlight of the plus-signed washroom designed by Chennai-based architectural firm Chiraag Kapoor Architects. Located at Ashok Nagar in Chennai, the washroom has …

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Disbaled design standards

Designing For The Disabled

Designing for the disabled The disabled-friendly washrooms at Umang School, Jaipur stands out for it design sensibilities, finds out Mrinmoy Dey on a visit  Safety and convenience are the key highlighter of the washrooms in the new building for Umang, a Jaipur-based school-cum-vocational centre for the disabled. Designed by Jaipur-based architect Shamini Shanker Jain, the …

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Roca contemporary bathrooms

Furnishing Bathrooms

Furnishing Bathrooms The washroom furniture is getting sophisticated as the design and functionality of the space is evolving continuously. Mrinmoy Dey looks at the growing trends in washroom furniture.  The way one’s washroom is designed reflects a part of their personality as well. Designers use accessories and furniture to achieve the optimum design according to …

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Aquapressure washrooms

Aquapressure: The Future Of Washroom Rejuvenation

Aquapressure: The future of washroom rejuvenation With smart technology manufacturers are turning ordinary bathroom into a high-end spa. Washrooms and Beyond finds out how manufacturers of bath products are enhancing the shower experience and promoting health consciousness by including various message techniques in the form of aqua pressure, writes Remona Divekar The concept of aqua …

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Sustainable washroom designs

Why Does Sustainability Matter?

Why Does Sustainability Matter? Despite its initial higher cost as compared to traditional buildings, sustainable buildings can lessen the operating cost throughout their lifecycle while positively influencing the occupant’s health, efficiency and productivity. This often leads to higher property valuations! It’s a well-known phenomenon that construction projects consume huge amounts of materials and in the …

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