Bathroom Design


Gracious Grey

Gracious Grey The bathroom is designed as an epitome of luxurious composition between the outside and the inside. After entering the space, one sees a clear visual axis which makes the space look seamless. “The most important requirement was connection with personal space and to get a seamless area. The client being a nature lover, …

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Washroom Design Norms

Washroom Design Norms It is common sense and experience that develops rules and norms but it is always better to codify them. The washroom is densely stacked with electricity, water and sewer services. More than walls and good-looking floors, there is a lot going on below and behind the surface that needs proper attention for …

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Embracing the Dark

Embracing the Dark This washroom design aimed for a hotel-like luxurious ambience within a mid-sized space featuring a bathtub and shower area, per the client’s preference for darker tones. This posed a challenge as dark colours risked making the area feel confined. “To tackle this, a strategic approach to colour and spatial planning was key. …

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dressing room with bathroom

Advantages of Integrating Dressing Rooms in Bathroom Design

For centuries, bedrooms have shouldered the burden of clothing storage. However, a new trend is emerging, offering a more functional and luxurious approach: the integrated bathroom dressing room. This concept, with roots dating back to grand estates, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to its practical benefits and potential to elevate the everyday getting-ready …

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An Experience with Nature

An Experience with Nature This bathroom is designed as a tranquil and immersive space that prioritizes the beauty of the natural surroundings and aims to provide a unique and refreshing experience for its occupants. The tropical timber makes the space warm and adds a touch of luxury to the design. The floor plan of the …

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Vibrant Yet Timeless

Vibrant Yet Timeless The concept for this teenage kid’s washroom revolves around creating a lively and modern space that caters to both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The key challenge was to design a washroom that aligns with the vibrant and dynamic personality of a teenager while ensuring long-term suitability. “Creating a modern, luxurious, and functional …

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Contemporary public washroom at Palladium mall in Ahmedabad by Blocher Partners India

Contemporary Public Washroom

Contemporary Public Washroom The USP of this contemporary public washroom, designed by Blocher Partners India, lies in its seamless integration of modern design, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to user well-being. The design objective in this state-of-the-art contemporary public washroom was to combine modern aesthetics, accessibility, sustainability, and advanced technology. Layout plan of public washroom …

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Contemporary Indian bathroom by Rudraksh Charan, 42mm Architecture

The Value of Separation

The Value of Separation Is it time to rethink whether a separate toilet adds flexibility to an accommodation and provides many of the benefits of a second washroom, without the cost and compromise of space? In washroom planning, a number of typical mistakes can creep in almost inadvertently when dividing the space between the wet …

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Bathroom by ZZ Architects

The Art of Accessory Placement

The Art of Accessory Placement The importance of ergonomics when it comes to the placement of accessories in a washroom can affect the entire washroom experience. Shweta Ramsay interacts with architects and reveals more. Imagine a beautiful washroom but one where the shower head is too low, the soap dispenser is too high or the …

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