Bathroom Inspirations

Spacious and luxurious washroom

Spacious and Luxurious

Spacious and Luxurious The main theme of the bathroom is ‘free form’. A tall stone-cladded pillar has provision for a shower which divides the shower area and bath tub. Small seating is provided on the periphery of the shower area. Indoor plants line up the window of the bathroom. All the walls have random polygon-shaped …

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Breaking the gender stereotype

Breaking The Gender Stereotype

Breaking the Gender Stereotype These washrooms belong to a brewery called ‘Over the moon brew company’. The concept of the bar revolves around taking inspiration from European street cafes and quirking it out hence the washrooms are an extension of the same idea.  . A ‘sheriff’ door leads to the corridor from where you enter …

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Contemporary washroom designs

The Multi-functional Washroom

The Multi-functional Washroom This sophisticated and elegant washroom design transforms the utilitarian space into a relaxing and refreshing space. The uniqueness of the design lies in the amalgamation of all these functions into a single room without making it jarring but rather a novel trend. The neutral shade palette provides a calming effect and the …

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Bathroom tile ideas

Young and Bold

Young and Bold The designer wanted to achieve a young and bold look for this bathroom. Being a boy’s space none of the materials or design elements could have been soft, delicate or subtle in nature. The length of the bathroom was short compared to the width which gave almost a squarish look to the …

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Colourful washroom for toddlers

Washroom For Toddler

Washroom for Toddler This washroom is for a 1-year-old toddler. “The brief given to us was that it should be playful but not childish. It should be still apt for the child when she grows to become a teenager. Hence, the colour palette comprised mosaic tiles in hues and shades of blues splashed across the …

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Compact luxury washroom design

Compact Luxury Washroom

Compact Luxury Washroom By introducing a dual unit shower cum steam, the owner couple could use it together. The unit from DURAVIT was specially imported from Germany and was the first one in the country. The USP of the unit is that it has an inbuilt system of cleaning, filtering and reusing the water. Design …

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washroom connecting to nature

Connecting With The Nature

Connecting With The Nature The USP of the washroom is the subconscious sense of greens in the space. The introduction of a piece of nature in the inert space generated a soothing effect. It elevates the space beyond its functional aspect to the essence of luxury. Nature-based therapy is the best way to unwind. “The …

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Home spa washroom design

Home Spa

Home Spa The client had a concern…a barber would come home every day to shave the menfolk; a masseuse and beautician were also regulars. All this activity required a private space without disturbing the other members of this multi-generational family. We suggested a common home spa to create an enjoyable private space for all these …

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Contemporary luxury washroom

Contemporary Luxury Washroom

Contemporary Luxury Washroom The USP of the project is the luxury elements in the washroom such as the use of Italian marble, an Italian chandelier, a showcase with Artefacts, lighting elements and marble inlays. The spatial quality of the washroom is sumptuous and spells luxury in every detail. It is certainly a wow space. “The …

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Bringing the outside inside

Bringing The Outside Inside

Bringing the Outside Inside The star(s) of the washroom, is the gorgeous matt black and crystal mosaic tiles that are spread on the floor and the walls, with the gorgeous pattern that marks not just the circulation but also provides an element of subtle drama. The fittings and the lights are in a crystalline finish …

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