Bathroom Inspirations


Embracing the Dark

Embracing the Dark This washroom design aimed for a hotel-like luxurious ambience within a mid-sized space featuring a bathtub and shower area, per the client’s preference for darker tones. This posed a challenge as dark colours risked making the area feel confined. “To tackle this, a strategic approach to colour and spatial planning was key. …

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Vibrant Yet Timeless

Vibrant Yet Timeless The concept for this teenage kid’s washroom revolves around creating a lively and modern space that caters to both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The key challenge was to design a washroom that aligns with the vibrant and dynamic personality of a teenager while ensuring long-term suitability. “Creating a modern, luxurious, and functional …

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Contemporary public washroom at Palladium mall in Ahmedabad by Blocher Partners India

Contemporary Public Washroom

Contemporary Public Washroom The USP of this contemporary public washroom, designed by Blocher Partners India, lies in its seamless integration of modern design, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to user well-being. The design objective in this state-of-the-art contemporary public washroom was to combine modern aesthetics, accessibility, sustainability, and advanced technology. Layout plan of public washroom …

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Spacious Bathroom Design by Studio Camarada, Bengaluru

Airy and Spacious

Airy and Spacious The large open layout is what stands out about this bathroom. “A large open bathroom space is what the client wanted. There was a provision for a bathtub that we later changed into a dry area which fitted a console unit. Apart from that, the idea of the washroom was to feel …

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Bathroom for Young Indian Boy

Young and Bold

Young and Bold The designer wanted to achieve a young and bold look for this bathroom. Being a boy’s space none of the materials or design elements could have been soft, delicate or subtle in nature. The length of the bathroom was short compared to the width which gave almost a squarish look to the …

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The bathroom is designed in a semi-open layout with the washbasin area being an extension of the bedroom

Embracing The Bath Space

Embracing the Bath Space Designed by Bengaluru-based design firm Fulcrum Studio, the room uses colours, London inspired graphics and talks to the bath space eloquently and lovingly, explores Mrinmoy Dey  When we look at the room, there’s a sense of the theme – the London Bridge, the bus, the ceiling with texts; and all of …

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Open Bathroom by Ruchi Sharma

An Open Bathroom

An Open Bathroom The design brief for this washroom was to connect bedroom with bathroom. “Hence, the bed back wall marble cladding continues onto bathroom walls with clear class & high gloss metal sheet on the ceiling. This made the entire space seamlessly blend into the luxury of this bedroom,” explains Ruchi Sharma, Principal Designer, …

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washroom connecting to nature

Connecting with the Nature

Connecting with the Nature The USP of the washroom is the subconscious sense of greens in the space. The introduction of a piece of nature in the inert space generated a soothing effect. It elevates the space beyond its functional aspect to the essence of luxury. Nature-based therapy is the best way to unwind. “The …

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The Waterfall, Ahmedabad devoped by Armaan Developers and designed by Hiren Patel Architects

Simple yet Luxurious

Simple yet Luxurious The bathroom comes out as luxurious, functional and yet not too complex. “The USP of the bathroom was to create drama without going overboard with the elements. A combination of materials and elements was explored in fittings, fixtures and furniture. Each element was designed to create nuances of its own,” shares Sunit …

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Luxury washroom designed by Thakkar Associates in Ahmedabad

Designed to be Adaptable

Designed to be Adaptable This space is designed to be a combined dressing area and washroom. Different functions incorporated in the space were segregated and oriented for optimum utilisation of the space. The key feature of the washroom is the amount of natural light coming directly in the shower and WC cubicles and filtered light …

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